Darkness Descends - Another Fallen Soul (Playthrough)


Darkness descends


Darkness Descends has been blurring the lines of rhythmic boundaries on the East coast since the early 2000’s. The band consists of AngryJay(vocals), Dean(guitars), Zaki Ali(drums), and with the late 2018 addition of Jon Perkins(bass). Throughout the years DD has slain the stages of many large festivals and mini-tours. In the last 4 years, while on hiatus, members of DD have been collaborating and playing with other bands/artists such as Nita Strauss, Michael Graves, Etherius, and Sinaro (to name a few). The band has recently reignited that familiar kindling to stoke the scene back into a unity of brotherhood. With the highly anticipated release of their EP Another Fallen Soul (out 4/20/19), the fire inside this machine burns hotter and heavier than ever before. DD is also working on some major collaborations and another EP release due out late 2019/early 2020



AngryJay @AngryJay13 (vocals) has been in Darkness Descends since 2006, and is widely known for his outgoing personality and intense onstage persona and charisma. Angry Jay lives up to his name time and time again. He continues to pummel the scene with his aggressive hard hitting lyrics and deep storytelling tales ranging from love and aggression to hate and release in the phrasings found within the songs such as “Another Fallen Soul”, “Trapped”, “Kill The Body”, to name a few interesting tales of journey. Over the years he has played countless bar's, clubs and festivals including BB Kings(NYC) , The legendary Stone Pony (NJ), The Bamboozle Festival and The 13th Annual Gathering of the Juggalo’s.


Zaki Ali

Zaki Ali @zalialinj (drums) is currently a very active member of the music scene in the tristate area. Working full time at Redshift Recording as an engineer and producer for many bands is just one of the gigs that lined up through actively playing out regularly with Darkness Descends over the years. While working with different artists on the engineering side Zaki also plays drums for The Silencer, Sinaro, Etherius, ALYXX, and Fools Can Be Kings. With core roots in double bass and odd rhythms stemming from playing in Darkness Descends you can rest assured that the future holds some work that’ll be sure to inspire rhythm enthusiasts all across the board.

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Dean @DeanMusicofficial (guitar) has been pounding away through the metal and punk scenes like a furious fire, determined to make himself known through his erratic stage presence, hard-working nature, and the need to take over the world. After years of playing in the local music scene, Dean and Angry Jay became great friends and avid supporters of each other's bands over the years. Eventually, this lead to becoming a full-fledged member of the onslaught that is Darkness Descends, about a month after Zaki in Jan 2011. He famously brought the band to new heights by introducing the 7 string sound, a sweet and sculpted guitar tone, and the coded rhythmic chant alongside Zaki, forever changing the direction of the band. You may have seen Dean from his music school Rockstar Now, or from his partnership at Redshift Recording, or maybe just from tearing up and touring the United States and Canada with bands such as Nita Strauss(bass), Michale Graves(bass), Darrow Chemical Company(guitar), ALYXX (bass) and his solo career named Dean.


Jon Perkins

Jon Perkins @JonPerkinz (bass) has been playing in several bands with Zaki since early 2018, including (but not limited to) Etherius and Sinaro. Jon is a multi-instrumentalist ranging up to 6 string bass and 8 string guitars. Lately, Jon (residing in NYC) has been delving further into the New Jersey metal scene with his various paths of musical enlightenment finally arriving him to meeting Angry Jay and Dean. After an exciting band outing at the 2019 NAMM show, Jon is excited to continue tearing stage after stage with DD as they prepare for the upcoming album releases.

“Another Fallen Soul” (Full Band Playthrough)


Brand New EP ANOTHER FALLEN SOUL available everywhere 4/20/2019